WannaCry Ransomware Vulnerability

Windows users should be aware of a new ransomware strain and take immediate measures to ensure their systems are up-to-date.

On Friday, May 12, 2017, a new strain of the WannaCry ransomware began spreading, widely impacting a large number of organizations (particularly in Europe). This ransomware exploits a vulnerability in outdated versions of Microsoft Windows.

We currently have 100% deployment of the needed Microsoft patch on all TechSoft Systems’ Managed Services covered devices.

Microsoft released a patch in March of 2017 to fix this vulnerability under Microsoft Security Bulletin, MS17-010. If you have yet to install the March 2017 Security Update for your Microsoft Windows system, we recommend that you do so immediately.

Here are some critical questions for your business:

  • Do you have backup and disaster recovery systems in place?

    A properly implemented backup and disaster recovery system is an effective mitigation tool for ransomware attacks.

  • Is all of your software up-to-date?

    Implementing a automated patch management system or using a managed services provider (who manages patching services for you) can keep your systems from being vulnerable to many different types of malware and security issues.

  • Do you have anti-malware protection?

    Having anti-malware software on your computer may NOT be enough to protect your entire network. Utilizing a multi-layered approach to anti-malware protection, including a next-generation firewall, spam and virus filtering on your email, and a proper training plan for your employees can help yours and your clients’ data secure.

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