Prevent, Detect, Protect, Defend, Mitigate, Investigate, Analyze, Respond, and Recover.

TechSoft Systems incorporates proactive security methods by implementing a customized solution of hardware, software, and personnel to prevent or minimize risk of intrusion to our clients’ networks.

TechSoft Systems’ cybersecurity includes: installing and monitoring firewalls, filters, and intrusion detection/prevention systems through encryption, virtual private network setup and management (VPN), continuity practices of backup, storage, fail-over, archiving, and disaster recovery.

Cybersecurity Consulting

TechSoft Systems, Inc. provides cybersecurity consulting services including:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Program Management.
  • Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Analyzing information system assets and managing security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Implementing security solutions.
  • Operations.
  • Day-to-day monitoring, analysis, and remediation of security events.
Cybersecurity Monitoring & Management

TechSoft Systems, Inc. identifies, classifies and helps prioritize opportunities to improve the security of our clients’ control system. TechSoft Systems collects system data for comparison against industry best practices and standards to detect weaknesses within our clients’ systems.  This information determines areas that require action to protect our clients’ system by utilizing multiple layers of security.

Access ports, unneeded and outdated software, the status of security patches, procedures, protocols and applications are examined. After a thorough analysis, an implementation plan is developed through a collaborative review with a client.

Service continues with 24/7 monitoring capabilities to help ensure system security is maintained and to be able to discover unintentional or malicious security breaches to allow rapid responses if necessary.

Cybersecurity Staffing

TechSoft Systems, Inc. provides staff augmentation services on an “as-needed” basis.  These staff members possess a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds with skills in most of the familiar technologies today, as well as some of the most hard-to-find, critical skill sets required.

Staffing personnel are certified at various levels:  CISM, CISSP, CAP, and PMP and can perform services, such as:  security and risk assessments, vulnerability reviews and recommendations, strategic and integration services, network and systems management and support, and monitoring, incident management/response, and investigation of security protocols and devices.

Cybersecurity Outsourcing

TechSoft Systems, Inc. provides ongoing access to experts who have a deep understanding of specific kinds of threats. We surround our clients with a team who have encountered and combated every current method of system security breach. TechSoft Systems’ experts are vested exclusively in securing and managing our clients’ network.

TechSoft Systems, Inc. provides a full range of workforce solutions and service delivery modes:

  • Contract Staffing: High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support;
  • Direct IT Placement Services: Contract-to-hire and direct hire professionals for longer-term needs;
  • Managed IT Services: Managed teams of applications or infrastructure professionals to define and mature IT workflows, centrally manage institutional knowledge, optimize resource utilization and deliver measurable outcomes;
  • Project-Based Services: Management of discrete IT projects and programs; and
  • Outsourced Services: Ownership and optimization of defined IT work functions.