Secure, On-Site and Off-Site Data Back-Up to Restore Your Data and Get You Back to Business Quickly.

All organizations require reliable access to information. Losing it could be catastrophic. Protect against data loss with secure, comprehensive data backup services.  Data back-up is imperative for every organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit.  In some cases, it’s even required by law.  TechSoft Systems provides safe, reliable and encrypted data protection and archiving services that are customized to your business.

Unlike faceless data backup tools, TechSoft Systems’ data protection comes with personal service and knowledgeable advice.  In the event of a data loss event, our team is immediately alerted and in communication with you to restore your data and get you back to business.

Data Back Up
  • Instant local onsite recovery of files or servers
  • Multiple Point in Time snapshot services
  • Continuous offsite replication
  • Scheduled replication onsite and/or offsite
  • Advanced storage devices/services
Data Archiving
  • Advanced storage devices/ services
  • Minimize the cost of backup storage
  • Extended retention
Data Recovery
  • Full disaster recovery appliances, applications, and services